What to Expect From Fashion Merchandising Programs

What to Expect From Fashion Merchandising Programs

Fashion merchandising programs can vary dramatically in terms of quality, program length and contents, and what exactly they teach. Even if you sort your options so there are only accredited, reputable colleges, there are dozens of options.

Some of the different programs available include certificates, associates degrees, bachelors degrees, and masters degrees. For instance, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York offers all of the above, plus options to study online or abroad. Just like other types of degrees, you have a wide variety of options to suit your learning preferences and lifestyles.

AAS Options
The Fashion Merchandising Management degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology provides you with the option to take an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in fashion merchandising, or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, depending on your preferences.

For an AAS degree, you might take a two-year program with courses in the fashion business, retail management, merchandising math, fundamentals of textiles, statistics, product development, and more. You could also take a more intensive one-year program, where you complete these courses in two semesters with six courses each.

An online option for fashion merchandising programs also exists, where you take a one-year AAS degree with online courses, all of which can also be done in an evening/weekend course format if you live in the area.

There are many flexible options out there for degree program structure if you are seeking an AAS degree in fashion merchandising.

BS Options
Similar to the AAS program, the Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising can be taken in eight semesters and covers everything in the basic AAS program, plus additional skills such as business writing, data analysis, workshops, microeconomics, allocation and planning, and more.

If you have the extra time, four-year fashion merchandising programs may be worth it, as you get an even more thorough education in the basics from top schools with a solid reputation for delivering quality education. It will make your job easier when you are hired, as you will already have many of the skills that others have to learn on the job.

The extra education time with these fashion merchandising programs may also make you more employable, particularly in conjunction with the networking opportunities you will uncover at school, and with such additional options as field trips, collaboration, and global merchandising strategies.

Alternative Options
Online programs that offer certificates and diplomas are often more flexible in terms of weekly time commitment, so if you currently hold a full-time job in another industry, you can get the same quality education without having to commute, spend your whole day in classrooms, and so on. Reputable online schools offer networking and other opportunities, too, though it will take more work on your part.

If you’re willing to put in the work to get a fashion merchandising degree, you will increase your employability and experience in the various skills required to work in the industry. Get information from a variety of schools by placing a request here, then compare the brochures from these schools to see which option best suits you!

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